Hot Lunches

Hot Lunches

Important Hot Lunch Information - Please Read

Our Hot Lunch Program is offered every Thursday at first nutrition break.  

It consists of items like pizza, salad, pasta, subs, chili, etc., plus a choice of juice or water and a snack.  

Our first hot lunch day is October 4th 2018

Hot Lunch is pre-ordered and pre-paid with an option of 1 - 9 month order increments.

Order forms can now be found online and are mobile friendly!  

They can be found at under the hot lunch tab.

Orders are due on the 24th of each month by 7PM

 Except January orders - they are due December 18 2018 BY 7PM  <<< DUE TO CHRISTMAS >>>

>>>no exceptions due to report generation/product order requirements <<<

Our transition period from cash to online orders has been completed.  

We will only accept online orders for the 2018/19 school year.    


Online payment options include: Paypal (credit card or bank account) or EMT to  

Password is always Lockes when paying EMT.  Please do not customize your password.

(*please note, there is an admin fee built into your online order payments via paypal – your bank emt fees apply*)

Please take note of the following:

  • No late orders - If the option is no longer visual online, it is no longer available to purchase.  Sorry - no exceptions.
  • No substitutions  - Please do not add modifications or instructions to the order.  There are too many lunches to customize.
  • No refunds
  • Full payment only 
  • Mistakes happen!  We are human... and volunteering our time to provide this program.  If you order hot lunches, please let your child(ren) know to attend the servery if they do not receive lunch. Volunteers are in the servery for the entire lunch period to address any problems. 
  • If the buses are cancelled, there will be NO Hot Lunch that day and will be rescheduled for the next school day that buses are running.  If you send your child to school when the buses are cancelled, please pack them a lunch.
  • In the event of your child’s absence, we are NOT able to store their lunch nor will a refund be issued. In the spirit of supporting our school community, their lunch will be offered to another student who may be in need.   

  • If you have any questions or concerns please let us know via email at